Daily prompt: Solitude

I’m not always a fan of responding to prompts as I somehow feel I should be able to draw inspiration from everything around me via my own imagination. However, all writers sometimes need a little bit of help and that’s why I decided to try writing a response to the daily prompt.

Solitude conjures up a multitude of different reactions for me; I imagine standing looking out to sea and feeling the overwhelming sense that there is so much more to our existence than we can imagine in our earthly forms and that one day it may (or equally may not) be revealed to us, probably when we leave this life. I can equally feel solitude in a room full of people which is not necessarily such a pleasant experience as having suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, it can be a knock-on reaction to how I am feeling that day. Finally, I frequently long for solitude in these overpopulated isles of ours and wish, just occasionally, that there were still enough places free of people to get truly lost or avoid seeing another soul for days or even longer. However, when I’m feeling in such an unsociable frame of mind I have to sometimes remind myself of the old adage ‘be careful what you wish for’, as was I suddenly to find myself truly alone, without family, friends or even strangers to pass the time of day with, I feel I would be more unhappy than I could ever contemplate. Yes, people can be annoying and I certainly see plenty of those during my days at work, however I can’t imagine I would be happier suddenly finding myself totally devoid of human company either.
Solitude will mean something different for everyone; whether it is being away from total strangers or getting time apart from those whom we’re meant to hold dearest to us, however we should all bear in mind that one day we may all wake up and find ourselves completely alone and I for one would not relish that thought at all.