Daily Post Prompt: Childhood

So I haven’t been doing too well keeping up with the daily prompts, however when I saw today was childhood, I really thought that was one I could get on board with.

Childhood for me was a mixture of emotions and experiences, some happy some sad and some forgettable; just as it is for every other person on the planet. However, the prompt also made me think about how we define childhood and how we decide when it is over. For instance, I consider myself a forty-one year old big child. I love soft toys, watching cartoons and laughing at farts and fortunately for me my husband is just the same (not so much the soft toys, but there you go.) Perhaps it’s because we don’t have children that we have not felt the need to grow up and act responsibly, (although we know plenty of people who do have children and don’t act the way they probably should either) so I’m not convinced that’s the only reason. We also met when we were barely out of childhood ourselves and have been together since we were eighteen, so maybe that is a contributing factor too.
I’m not suggesting that I see the world through a child’s eyes as that probably wouldn’t be a healthy outlook for someone of my age, however I also don’t think that there’s any harm in trying to look at everything around you with a child’s wonderment, hopefully as yet unsullied by adulthood’s cynicism and weariness. It’s admittedly hard to do at first; we’re taught that adults should behave a certain way which usually doesn’t include standing in wonderment with your mouth open or jumping up and down clapping your hands, but once achieved it’s then remarkably easy to let yourself be carried along on a child’s enthusiasm for something new and incredibly rewarding too.
So that’s my thought about childhood; who says it has to be over once you grow up?